United by one name: PMI Aerospace

Our three specialized business units have formally united under a single name: PMI Aerospace.

Although the names Precision Masters, Lamcam Machine and Precision Valve will cease to be used, the more than 100 years of combined expertise these brands bring to the aerospace industry remains as strong as ever.

Precision Masters has supplied precision-machined parts to the aerospace industry across the globe for more than 50 years, growing by 300% in the last five years alone. Lamcam Machine has been a long-standing leader in providing ground-support equipment, tools and fixtures to Aerospace service centers worldwide. And, Precision Valve has specialized in the production of high-pressure hydraulic servo valve parts for more than 45 years.

Our name change comes as part of a larger effort to accommodate recent growth and prepare for the future as a fully integrated company. While we will continue to operate out of the same two facilities—Plant #1 in Rockford, Illinois, and Plant #2 in Reno, Nevada—an expansion at Plant #1 to increase capacity for growing demand is expected to be completed by the end of July. This enhancement of our 22,000 square-foot facility will streamline our production flow, add a state-of-the-art quality lab and inventory-control system, and expand our capacity to house new machinery.

For PMI Aerospace, it is important to have a company name—as well as production facilities—that reflects our position as an industry leader in precision machined aerospace components. With these changes well underway, we are proud to be in a position to deliver our products more quickly, cost-effectively and precisely than ever before.