Locked & Loaded

After nearly 50 years in Aerospace, we’re ready for anything.

PMI Aerospace group of companies supplies precision-machined parts developed with the latest technology. We operate dozens of machining, turning and grinding centers, expertly piloted by experienced associates. No matter what part you need, where you are or what segment of aerospace you call home, our diversified experience enables us to serve you faster and with the utmost precision.

  • Assembly
  • CNC lathes with bar feeders
  • CNC milling centers (4- and 5-axis capability)
  • CNC multi-axis mill/turn centers
  • Assembly
  • “Fast Track” Expediting
  • Hand finishing
  • Honing
  • ID/OD grinding
  • Lapping

Equipped for What’s Next

While we have the usual 3- and 4-axis precision machining centers and super precision Hardinge bar fed CNC lathes, it is our 5-axis machining centers, ID/OD grinders, and lapping and honing equipment that gives us unmatched accuracy in machining. Not to mention, our experienced associates in programming, setup and machining.

Our brand of precision machining requires that the machinists truly “know” their machine’s behavior—not just how to program and run it. PMI Aerospace machinists have attained such a level of familiarity with their machines, they are capable of pushing them beyond what was thought possible.

Precision Turning, Milling & Grinding of Aerospace Components:

  • Simple to complex milling, .030” to 70.0” in length
  • 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining, .030” to 24” in rotation
  • Simple to complex turning, .020” to 20.0” in diameter
  • Castings & forgings, machining of aluminum, steel and titanium
  • Exotic materials: titanium, Inconel, Kovar, Tantalum, Hastelloy, K-Monel
  • Hard turning and milling, up to 70 Rockwell C
  • ID/OD grinding
  • Honing department
  • Deburr department
  • Lapping department
  • Gun drilling
  • Turnkey finishing for products requiring multiple processes
  • Heat treating, plating, painting, structural testing, welding, magnetic particle inspection and NDT (utilizing extensive NADCAP supply chain)
  • Hold dimensional tolerances to +/- 0.00001” and measurement to .00000020”
  • Provide complete traceability and documentation of product manufacturing to AS9100 and ISO9001 standards, including FAIR’s, PPAP and SPC data recording


  • Aluminum
  • High-temp alloys
  • Low-alloy steel
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium