Spare Parts in a Flash

Spare parts, by nature, must be available with very little notice to keep your operations running smoothly. PMI Aerospace group of companies has you covered. Whether you need to replace a component that was damaged by a customer’s repair center, an overused part that no longer meets the customer’s specifications or a faraway part for an overseas military operation, we understand that time is of the essence.

It is common for us to “FastTrack” parts needed for a non-stock item. We act as an extension of your company, integral to the expedited supply of spare parts wherever and whenever they may be needed. We can make inventory stocking arrangements for made-to-order quantities, respond quickly with emergency deliveries, and offer Long Term Agreements with the reassuring convenience of consignment inventory, Kanban systems and safety stock.

Full Range: Precision Masters – Spare Parts

One of the principal reasons Precision Masters has built a strong reputation over decades is that we are always there for our customers. Providing aftermarket spare parts to aviation professionals located around the world is a point of pride for us. Our know-how is trusted, our relationships run deep and our flexibility and responsiveness are why our customers count on Precision Masters to support their aftermarket needs every day of the year.


Sleeves, Slides, Spools & PistonsPrecision Valve  –  Spare Parts

Spare high pressure hydraulic servo valve sleeves, slides, spools, pistons and lap fit assemblies are often difficult to source without a high-volume order. Precision Valve, a subsidiary of PMI Aerospace, specializes in low-volume, high-mix work, and is always prepared to address even the most pressing needs. Our uniquely agile structure allows us to deliver low quantities of complex spare valves to you on-demand.


Tools: Lamcam Machine – Spare Parts

Lamcam Machine, a subsidiary of PMI Aerospace, currently assists aviation repair centers around the world with spare ground support equipment, tooling and commercial components of all types. If you have a print of a part you need for a tool, fixture or assembly, chances are we can help you in short order.

We design and build all shapes and sizes at many levels of complexity, including the following equipment:

  • Alignment fixtures
  • Benches
  • Bullets
  • Chassis
  • Drivers
  • Ducts
  • Frames
  • Gages
  • Hoists
  • Lift mechanisms
  • Roller carts
  • Spanner wrenches
  • Test stands
  • Transfer mechanisms
  • Wheel pullers