Component Parts Synced
to Your Schedule

Low-volume, high-mix precision machined production component parts in the Aerospace Industry require a very unique approach to manufacturing. Because we know your schedules and build requirements can change daily, we have processes in place to automatically monitor your demands and manufacture to comply with your unique specifications. Our component parts are guaranteed to be delivered on-time and defect free thanks to our streamlined manufacturing process* and AS9100-certified quality system.

(*Custom Manufacturing , Estimating, Planning, Inventory Software System, Inventory Stocking Arrangements for Made to Order quantities, Expedited Emergency Deliveries, Long Term Agreements including Consignment Inventory, Kanban Systems and Safety Stock.)


Precision Masters uses the most advanced manufacturing processes in the industry to efficiently produce high-quality Aerospace components. With dozens of modern CNC machining, turning and grinding centers, and highly skilled associates operating cutting-edge equipment, Precision Masters is able to accommodate the most demanding needs.


Sleeves, Slides, Spools & Pistons: Precision Valve – Component Parts

As components, high pressure hydraulic servo valve sleeves, slides, spools, pistons and lap fit assemblies are extremely complex to correctly produce. They require many different processes and equipment, plus industry knowledge. Precision Valve, a subsidiary of PMI Aerospace, has gained this knowledge first-hand over nearly 50 years serving the Aerospace Industry. Using state-of-the-art CNC lathes, mills and crush grinders, as well as specialized honing and lapping equipment, our experienced team of associates produces component valves that are second to none.


Tools: Lamcam Machine – Component Parts

Lamcam Machine, a subsidiary of PMI Aerospace, manufactures precision tooling as ground support equipment and for various commercial industries. Meticulously following your prints and computer models, we can have your component parts ready in as few as 2-8 weeks. Expedited programs are always welcomed, encouraged and common.

With our wide range of production equipment we are very competitive with Build to Print projects requiring multiple quantities of the same products. Whether you need 1 or 1,000 parts, pallets, tools or assemblies, chances are we can help you out.

Lamcam Machine provides these components to our aviation repair centers around the world without delay, supporting old and new platforms. We design and build all shapes and sizes at many levels of complexity, including the following equipment:

  • Alignment fixtures
  • Benches
  • Bullets
  • Chassis
  • Drivers
  • Ducts
  • Frames
  • Gages
  • Hoists
  • Lift mechanisms
  • Roller carts
  • Spanner wrenches
  • Test stands
  • Transfer mechanisms
  • Wheel pullers