Navigator. Technician. Co-Pilot.

Our role in your buying journey goes beyond machining; we are a partner you can trust to provide a total value solution. Equipped with vast industry knowledge and the latest technology in turning, milling and grinding, PMI Aerospace group of companies are prepared to guide you through every step of acquiring high quality prototype parts, component parts and spare parts—on time and at a competitive price.

Our services include:

  • Close-tolerance precision machining, turning & grinding
    • Prototype parts
    • Low and medium volume requirements
    • Custom manufacturing to customer prints
    • Development & long term project planning
  • Long-Term Agreements (LTAs)
    • Over 1,500 different parts on long term agreements
    • ERP/MRP integration
    • Long-term capacity planning
    • Consignment inventory
    • Kanban systems
    • Safety stock
  • “Fast Track” expedited emergency deliveries
    • Prototype parts
    • Spot/One time purchase buys
    • Production orders